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Wonderland is "a wonderful place"​

This is conveniently located in West-Ward taking around 30-minute drive from the center of Sapporo city. You can experience various activities at 6 Tokyo Dome facilities. We offer a wide range of programs including in-house leisure, MICE, individual plans for family and couple. We, all staffs of Wonderland, present you the extraordinal experiences as the “wonderful land”.  



Facility information


Meal content (common to each plan)

=Charcoal grill=

Genghis Khan, raw lamb, cow's hormone (only 120 minutes) ・ porcine hormone ・ young chicken ・ vegetable assortment (1 rice ball)


Draft beer ・ Japanese Sake ・ various shochu & sour ・ red wine ・ cola ・ oolong tea ・ orange juice


Information from Wonderland Sapporo



Information on public transportation

Subway<Tozai line>Hassamuminami Station → JR bus (number 41) Nishino Fukui line → Get off at Gotenzan Park

→ 7 minutes on foot

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